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You're beautiful and you always will be.

I’ve tried this once before and it didn’t turn out so well, but I’m desperate. I’ve completely let myself go and I eat horrible food all the time. I need to get back on a strict diet. Someone want to join me? We can tell each other what we eat and what we did to work out and just encourage and help each other. If you’re interested just leave something in my ask or reply here and I’ll message you.

Follow for follow on instagram? Username is simplebeauty31.

So, I’m looking for a diet buddy. Someone who I could text everything I eat to and they’d do the same. I just want a friend to help each other to get fit. We could both encourage each other to work out and eat healthy. If you’re interested leave your number in my ask. I’m super determined I just need some extra motivation :)

Q: “Ryan Murphy has spoken about how the original cast will eventually be replaced, what was your reaction to that news? And have you thought about what you would like to possibly move into, like Broadway, television, movies or release an album?” – Tiarni C. (23, NSW, Australia)
A: I thought graduating characters off would add a very real element to the show. I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon since I’m supposed to be the youngest in the club and I’m the youngest in real life, but you never know! Maybe Kurt will take an internship at a fashion institute or fall down an elevator shaft. Anything is possible… As for the future I’m kind of all over the place right now but mostly headed into a film direction. I’ll definitely do something on Broadway eventually, if people aren’t sick of me by then.

Um hello continuation? Kurt was supposed to be the youngest and yet he’s graduating before a bunch of people in glee club. Makes no sense. And this was from 2011. How does this make sense?